Marketing experiments that I am working on

Experiment #1… How Many Pages Can I Get Indexed In Google In 90 Days?… 

I just love experiments! One of the main reasons that I love them so much, is that they get my creative juices flowing. And for this experiment…

I have a secret weapon!

In this post, I will let you know all the ins and out of getting more pages indexed in Google.

Many times, when you are self employed, it seems like most of what you do, does not kick on the… my background of being self employed, and heavily involved marketing and sales… Simply put, experiments are just a way to test things… In internet terms, the term “split testing” is used to try different ways to do something, to see which way works best.

Online, pleople split test many different things. Colors, fonts, different text etc.

Since my website is new to the internet, and new to the search engines, starting out, I thought a great experiment would be to test how quickly I can get my pages ranked in Google.

Experiment #1
How Many Pages Can I Get Indexed in Google in 90 Days?

The title pretty much says it all… How many pages can I get indexed in Google in 90 days! Pretty simple, right? As you know, I can do things like; Article writing, submitting articles to article directories, I can write guest posts, leave comments in forums and other websites, do link building, do keyword research, so when I write blog posts, and a multitude of white hat and black hat SEO tricks.

Hmmm. Where should I start. I got it!…
How about I provide what we always hear that Google wants?… Fresh unique content!

Strike 1 – I am starting with a brand new, never before registered domain name. Some would say, I am already off a bad start. I hear having an “aged” domain name helps with your search rankings. To see if this name  had been used before, I did a couple quick Google searches for terms like “domain name registration history”. I also did a search on the “Way Back Machine” internet archive. There were no results as you can see here.

Strike 2 – What is a GoBrickless.com? I would guess those two words together mean nothing to Google. I didn’t use “exact match” key words describing what my website is about in the words in my domain name. In fact, I don’t even know what my “key words” are at the moment, or what this website is about. I don’y think I planned this very well.

So How Am I Going To Do This?…aka The “Goal”

I will post 1 new blog post on my website GoBrickless.com, every day, for a 90 day period. And just see what happens.

The Results…

Day 1
My new website domain www.GoBrickless.com is registered using GoDaddy.com. I like GoDaddy to register domain names, since you can always find coupon codes online. That way, every time I come up with a crazy idea, I can register a domain name pretty cheap. Usually less than $8 for a year. I only use GoDaddy to register names, and I use BlueHost.com for my website hosting.

Day 2